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Peridot Forceps Assembly

For several years, Peridot has produced for a top client of ours a forceps-assembly used for manipulating tiny hearing aids while the unit is in-ear. The first generation design used an expensive stock duckbill forceps that we modified by adding 5 components fabricated in-house and laser-welded to the stock forceps.

Out with the old...

Generation one had a good run, but certain aesthetic and functional issues needed addressing so in late 2012 we began working on the re-design for Generation two. ┬áThe Gen two product has just completed it’s second build, and in typical Peridot-fashion, the build is going very well!

...And in with the new!

Assembly consists of a combination of stainless steel and PEEK machined components coupled with off the shelf screws and O-rings.

Handles start as rectangular blocks of PEEK
CNC Swiss Bushings from PEEK
Tiny extension springs for returning the handle
Handles ready for installation
CNC and EDM drilled loop
CNC-machined and EDM drilled movable loop
Laser engraving with sequential serial number
Off-the-shelf screws, but we could have made them if necessary!
PEEK slider with laser engraved tip
Slider Assy
Tricky double body extension spring
4th axis milling on this MICRO tip!
Cannula with laser cutting and Wire EDM 304 full hard SS

And, of course, the entire unit is assembled in our class 10K cleanroom and packaged in sterile pouches.


This new assembly again showcases the advantage of working with a medical device contract manufacturer that is vertically integrated. Peridot internal processes used on this project include:

CNC Turning

CNC Swiss Machining

CNC Vertical Machining

CNC Wireforming

Laser Welding

Laser Cutting

Laser Engraving

Clean Room Assembly

Clean Room Packaging

Try finding a company with all of the above processes in-house other than Peridot. Good luck!