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Laser Marking and Engraving

Yes we like to burn things here at Peridot! From our first Mazak industrial sheet cutter purchased in 1997  to the latest Rofin Sinar Stent cutter bought only a couple of years ago we have been pushing hard into the field of laser processing.

Always good advice

One area of lasing expertise we have acquired is in the area of laser engraving or laser marking.

Please do not stare into the laser beam

This non-contact laser machining process works on a variety of materials with markedly (pun intended) different results. We routinely mark many different metals and plastics. Here are a few examples:

This first example is laser engraved text on stainless steel forceps assembly

Flat marking on 304 stainless

As you can see, stainless steel will mark with a very good level of contrast and we have developed techniques that enable this product to undergo repeated Autoclave (steam sterilization) cycles and still maintain contrast.

This same audiology device has some graduations on a round cannula picture here:

Rotary engraved cannula

This process can be done on round objects using a rotary lathe inside of the machine tool so full circumferential marking and graduations are possible.

The next example is a simple machined disc of Titanium with a part number engraved.

Titanium Disc

Here you can see that titanium also marks with a pronounced easy to detect contrast.


Logos, text, barcodes, Qcodes, sequential serialization, all are straightforward with the easy to use software that comes with the machine.

Nickel plated cold rolled steel
316 stainless

Anodized aluminum is one of the easiest materials to engrave with excellent contrast and low power settings.

6061 T6 Aluminum with Black Anodize
CNC Swiss component with anodized color coding
Ortho instrument for knee surgery

Marking on irregular surfaces is also routine.

302 Stainless with 1 CM depth gage bands

Let’s take a look at a few plastics examples.


As you can see in the above example Radel engraves with a very good level of contrast. How about PEEK?

Depth gauge for ortho app

Many of our engraving tasks are to mark customer products “Not for human use” and “Not for clinical use”

Plastic injection molded back cover


And finally acrylic which is very laser friendly.

2 MM thick clear polycarbonate, also known as acrylic

In conclusion please consider Peridot as a source for fabricating your complex components that require laser marking as opposed to having them made at one supplier and sending to another for marking. We are working hard at Peridot to simplify your supply chain!