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Peridot meets Mr. Roboto

I love buying new machines. Something very exciting about having the big blue truck pull up in the parking lot. What is it?

Brand new Fanuc Robodrill!

This is Peridot’s 4th CNC Vertical Machining center. SO many Ortho implants and instruments going through the shop right now that lead times were starting to creep up.  There is always some trepidation seeing $130,000 up in the air on a forklift but the crew at Lawsons is top notch.

We opted for the high speed spindle (20,000RPM) which should give us some better ability to run the tiny endmills the market wants to see nowadays. The Fanuc control should be an easy transition for the Peridot machining team since a number of our existing machines are Fanuc controls. The factory arrives tomorrow for training and we should be revenue producing by the end of the week.