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Peridot Corporation Laser Welding

I had a client call me last week that we had not heard from in a couple of years.  The person who called was inquiring about getting a complex part machined but also wanted to know more about Peridot’s laser welding capability. This somewhat hastily prepared post is a quick refresher to illustrate that capability. Peridot currently owns and operates nine laser workstations. Four of the nine are dedicated to laser welding. These welders are Q-Switched YAG lasers.  Our welders are equipped with X-Y and rotary axis capability. Peridot personnel have perfected the art of using pulse shaping, fixturing and assist gasses to tackle impossibly small delicate welds often joining dissimilar metals and dissimilar shapes. We process volumes from prototype to the thousands of assemblies.  Our in house tool and die department makes all needed work-holding fixtures eliminating the cost and lost lead time caused by  outside tooling sources. SO Lou, this post is for you!

Hub to cannula

Tube to hub flush

Machined 304 stainless welded to 304 CNC swiss part
304 to 304

4 different welds on this micro-assembly
forceps assy tube to machined part 304 SS

Now for a few pics of the laser welding department.