Peridot is your next-generation, vertically-integrated production partner.

Peridot is your vertically integrated production partner. Your resource for prototyping, testing, fabrication, and distribution of virtually any precision component.

LASER cutting

Peridot’s CNC laser cutting equipment produces burr free, close-tolerance parts with minimal heat affected zones, while allowing rapid changes to part specifications.

LASER marking

Peridot’s has multiple laser workstations all equipped with X-Y and rotary axis capability that can etch logos, serial numbers and part identification on everything from metal to wood.

LASER welding

Peridot is proficient in using pulse-shaping, fixturing, and assisting gases to tackle intricately small, delicate welds, often joining dissimilar metals and dissimilar shapes.

Product Classification

  • Adaptors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Flexures
  • Gears & Cams
  • Precision Sheet Metal
  • Springs & Wireforms
  • Vacuum Components

Case Study


The product pictured here is a transdermal cetacean tag. The product is used to affix an electronics package to large whales for animal studies.

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