Peridot has a passion for helping doctors be better doctors.

From the smallest micro-miniature components to the biggest new ideas, we bring unmatched quality and precision to every medical product we manufacture. And we’re continually expanding our medical manufacturing capabilities, like our 2,000 square foot, Validated ISO Class 7 Controlled Environment Room.

LASER cutting

Peridot’s CNC laser cutting equipment produces burr free, close-tolerance parts with minimal heat affected zones, while allowing rapid changes to part specifications.

LASER marking

Peridot’s has multiple laser workstations all equipped with X-Y and rotary axis capability that can etch logos, serial numbers and part identification on everything from metal to wood.

LASER welding

Peridot is proficient in using pulse-shaping, fixturing, and assisting gases to tackle intricately small, delicate welds, often joining dissimilar metals and dissimilar shapes.

Product Classification

  • Arthroscopic Instruments
  • Cardiovascular Treatments
  • Catheters
  • Chemotherapy Delivery Systems
  • Endoscopic Instruments
  • Gastrointestinal Treatments
  • Laproscopic Instruments
  • Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
  • RF/Thermal Ablation
  • Stent Delivery Systems


A medical device manufacturer needed to reduce the manufacturing cost of a multi-prong infusion needle used for tumor ablatement. The original design required the use of expensive Nitinol tubing, inflating the cost of the device due to the need for heat-set shaping to achieve a consistently accurate curvature of the collapsible tines.

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