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Spurcycle Bell Kickstarter Project

Peridot has always enjoyed a very eclectic mix of clients. From the largest medical OEMs solving the world’s toughest medical challenges to manufacturing and technology start-ups, we relish the opportunity to help make a better product. It’s especially satisfying, though, when we get the chance to help someone reinvent an everyday object that hasn’t evolved in quite some time.

We had the pleasure of doing just that with Nick and Clint Stone, who run Spurcycle, a bicycle products startup based in San Francisco. They had a vision for a simpler, more elegant and more effective bicycle bell.

A few years ago, a bicycle bell might have seemed like a trivial product. But times have changed. These days more and more adults are eschewing their cars for more fuel-efficient bikes, and spending hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars on them. For many cyclists, a bike isn’t just a mode of transportation, it’s an expression of their taste and personality. What’s more, bicycle shops around the country are fueling this movement and have even started offering lattes, craft beers and yoga classes during tune-ups!

Our role with Spurcycle started very early on in the design phase where we worked closely with the partners to develop cost effective manufacturable materials and components designs. Using CNC wireforming, laser cutting, press brake forming and Swiss screw machining, we helped Nick and Clint design and source all of the components except for the bell itself—which was crafted by a company that’s been making bells for nearly 100 years.

The result: a simple, stunning piece of modern design that affixes easily to any bicycle. With a very successful Kickstarter campaign (almost $200,000 worth of bells ordered to date!), we’re proud to have helped the Stone brothers’ realize their vision and now they can’t get their bells — and their phones — to stop ringing.





To learn more about Nick and Clint’s design process, and what makes their new bicycle bell such a unique product, watch their video at:

NEWS UPDATE: Nick and Clint’s bicycle bell design has generated so much excitement among cyclists that they have exceeded their Kickstarter funding goal for the product by nearly 1000 percent!