Battery Contacts

The recent proliferation of mobile handheld electronic devices has created a massive market for metal battery contacts. Due to vast variety of battery types, materials and shapes used in the typical handheld device, it’s critical that you choose a manufacturing partner with thorough knowledge of spring materials and plating to facilitate designs that are reliable, cost effective and robust. Some battery contacts are designed as wireforms/springs, some are designed as stampings made from sheet or strip materials, while others are hybrids of the two. Battery contact manufacturing requires a multidisciplinary approach, and you need a next-gen production partner with a vast breadth and depth of expertise on the subject matter.

Peridot Corp. has extensive knowledge, experience and capability in the realm of battery contact manufacturing. We have complete stamping operations using both 4-slide and punch press progressive machines, and we also provide complete in-house tooling design and build support. Peridot features multi-axis CNC wireforming equipment for these designs using springs and/or wireforms, and routinely works with our customers’ engineering teams on the proper design, material and plating specifications to ensure that the finish product performs as expected.