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You can never have too many axes!

Peridot continues to see CNC Swiss requirements from our customers that severely tax existing equipment. Thank you for challenging us Customers! We have owned a Star SB-16 with bar feeder for about 3 years. Video here:

This machine has a maximum bar stock capacity of 16 MM or .630 inch. Great for tiny screws and trocar points.

Vibrator cap produced on CNC Swiss
Type 316 Stainless

We are increasingly being offered larger diameter turned parts than the SB16 can handle. In these cases we are turningĀ  blanks on our CNC lathe and finishing up with secondary milling/machining operations. In order to be competitive on these larger parts we had to take the plunge and invest in larger bar stock capacity equipment. We are pleased to announce that after a couple of months of research and negotiation we have chosen Star as the supplier for our next machine.

(Drumroll please) Announcing the purchase and imminent arrival of our latest CNC workcenter, a Star Sr-32J Swiss screw machine!


Link here:

Sporting a whopping 1.25o inch bar stock capacity this addition will substantially increase capacity at Peridot on larger Swiss parts and it can handle the small parts just as well as the existing machine we own. Expected to hit the floor in late August 2011, we will have a very short learning curve with this tool. The programming and tooling are largely the same as what we use on the smaller machine.


In conclusion, look for shorter lead times and better pricing on your turned components!