Peridot News

CNC Swiss capability added

As I posted before Peridot has purchased a new CNC Swiss Screw machining center. We are seeing a significant spike in demand for this commodity and the additional capacity should relieve some of the backlog pressure we are experiencing.

New machines coming in is kind of like Christmas for me. I can’t wait to unwrap the present!

Early Christmas present for Ann and Carol!

I had my crowbar all out and ready to go.

Coming out party

12 ft long Auto Loader Bar feeder with 1.25 inch max bar capacity

Feeder comes first


This is where the ammo goes


LNS Hydrobar

Can’t WAIT till the factory installers are gone and we start making parts!


Are you done yet?

Where it all happens

Many motions available

The control panel

Open the Pod Bay doors Hal

Boss wants to know if it is running yet

Is that GT job shipping today?

Thank you Peridot Customers and Section 179 accelerated depreciation!