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Micro vs. Macro

Peridot has a long standing reputation for manufacturing TINY parts like this:

1 MM OD thin wall hypotube assy with laser welding
1 mm OD thin wall hypotube assy with laser welding

And this:

Titanium bone anchor CNC Swiss turned with Wire EDm slots .1 MM wide
Titanium bone anchor CNC Swiss turned with Wire EDm slots .1 mm wide

And this:

custom metal earwig
Metal Earwig

We recently undertook a series of CNC-machined Aluminum parts for a new client. These new parts are HUGE for us relative to what we normally process here at Peridot.

CNC-machined Aluminum parts
Can you find the penny in the picture?
CNC-machining Aluminum parts
Approx. 12x4x5 inches
CNC-machined Aluminum part
6061 T6 Aluminum


miniature CNC-machined Aluminum parts
Three hours of machining time per part

These parts are used as laser resonator bodies. Flatness, perpendicularity and parallelism are CRITICAL to the performance of the very high-end lasers these parts are destined for. They were a perfect fit for our new Mori Seiki Dual Pallet Horizontal Machining Center.

This new machine boasts a 60-position tool carousel  and we used between 30 and 40 tool stations for this project. The dual pallet system enabled us to have one part inside of the machine being machined with another staged in the shuttle pallet outside of the machine. This allowed for lights-out machining overnight.

This project also mandated the purchase of an automated coordinate measuring machine with vision capability to perform the extensive, complicated measurements needed to ensure compliance. We will be putting up a blog post about this new CMM in the near future.

In conclusion, those of you who think of us only for your sub-miniature requirements might also consider Peridot for your larger part requirements as we continue to expand our machining capabilities.