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Tri-Bevel needle grinding

For a number of years Peridot has received RFQ’s from medical device customers¬† needing needle faceting/grinding services. In the case of single bevel needles Peridot was able to use WIRE EDM machines to create sharp bevel tips with the advantage of no burr cleanup necessary and the ability to stack and process 10-20 needles at a time on one pass.

Auto Threading Submersible Electrical Discharge Machines
One of five wire EDM's at Peridot

Here is an example of single bevel needles in an RF Ablation device

Single Bevels

Peridot recently received an RFQ for tri-bevel needles which we have not previously produced in anything but prototype volumes. A special jig was created for the rotation of the needle to it’s three positions during grinding and here is the result:

Tri-Bevel Incisional point

So on your next project requiring tri-bevel points please consider Peridot.