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Next Up: Hypotube Fabrication

Lights, Camera, Hypotube Fabrication!

Last week we noted that over the course of the next year, we’ll be adding to our website detailed product information, case studies, and a ton of up close pictures of Peridot precision manufacturing in action.  We began by showing off our EDM prowess, and now we’re pleased to bring you up close and personal examples of our hypotube fabrication capabilities.

As proven leaders in the field of hypotube and medical tubing fabrication, it’s been our esteemed pleasure to have the opportunity to service the industrial, medical and surgical fields for the past 17 years. From micro needle arrays down to .005 inch OD .003 inch ID tubing up to 3/8’s inch diameter pipe, we shape tubing using a variety of CNC  machines and manual techniques.

So, without further ado:

Rotary swaged pencil points with four holes EDM drilled .005 diameter through side walls in each tine. .016 OD .010 ID 304 full hard hypotube
304 stainless steel tubing with formed curve, EDM cut and press swaged end.
Rotary bone auger for coring of vertebra. .156 OD .136 ID 304 Full hard hypotube
Precision bent cannula for delivery of collagen scaffolding used in meniscus repair. Thick wall, Inconel 600 tubing
Multi-needle array with EDM sharpened tips press-fit and UV bonded into a CNC Swiss machined PEEK threaded cap. .010 OD .006 ID 304 full hard hypotube and PEEK bar stock


To see more hypotube case studies, click through to our website: